Category: Hibernation


This is an American cartoon, so you may not know all the animals shown. It covers hibernation and a little on Aestivation (summer hibernation).

Winter hibernation – Winter’s Tale – BBC

A very short video about a few animals that hibernate in winter in the UK.


Getting Ready For Hibernation

An introductory video to animal hibernation, including feeding up in the autumn and resting away in a safe place until spring.

Hibernating Tortoise Unboxing

Tortoises do not hibernate when they are in their usual habitat which is warm all year round. But in countries where the winters are cold, tortoises hibernate, go to sleep and wake again in the spring. This video looks at a tortoise coming out of its hibernation.


How Does Hibernation Work

This is a more advanced video on hibernation that asks if what we learn from hibernating animals could be applied to humans travelling through space for many years. It contains many interesting items on hibernation.


Is Human Hibernation Possible

This video looks at whether the sci fi idea of hibernating humans is possible. A more advanced video that could stimulate thoughts and ideas.


How to make a home for a hedgehog to hibernate in

A short simple video on building a hibernation station for a hedgehog.


You can buy a hedgehog hibernation station here if you don’t want to build one.

Hibernation Station

An illustrated, spoken trailer for the book, “Hibernation Station” with a poem about the different animals starting to hibernate for the winter.

You can buy the book “Hibernation Station” and other books on hibernation below.