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Harvest Moon

A ceremony about harvest time in Africa.


Not all films about harvest time are factual, occasionally there is a spoof film. This is a classic April Fool’s Joke by the BBC, showing the spaghetti harvest on the borders of Italy and Switzerland.



The moon looks large at times, especially when rising or when there is a supermoon but what if the other planets in the Solar System were in the sky instead of the moon? What would our sky look like then? Watch this video to find out

This next video is music-only, with captions showing the sizes of our moon and planets. It then goes out into the rest of the cosmos to see even bigger planets and stars to show that our moon is really tiny and then even further out to see the Milky Way Galaxy and then the known universe. The end of the video shows how far light travels in a day, a week, a year.


The final video is a factual narrated presentation of the moon and its craters by NASA and shows the marks left by the last space ship to land there and marks left by the astronauts.