Homeschooling Ideas And Lessons

Home School Or Not

www.barefootblissandbooks.comMany people have home schooled their children over the years. There is a LOT of knowledge, innovation, creativity and real fun learning out there that we can plug into whether you home school your children or not. After all, children are home with you each evening and all weekends and being able to play along with them, giving them fun things to do that are also educational is a great way to bond with your children, as well as keep them occupied.

Why Homeschool

This lady home schooled her four children because they were not making progress in school and the school had not even let her know. She was able to improve her children’s understanding and learning by focusing on areas of weakness and making learning fun and relevant. She also points out that children who are being bullied in school may benefit from home schooling and that they do not need to suffer from lack of social interactivity. Read her take on home schooling here.

Making An Exploding Mini Book

This is a great tutorial not only for home schooled children but for anyone who likes crafts, including journalling. It shows you how to make a mini folding book that folds flat enough to be placed inside another book, such as a diary or journal. The folds create a number of small areas or boxes in which you can write or draw something. Examples of mini books that others have created are shown. You can visit the tutorial for the exploding mini book here. The same author also has articles on making an Ancient Egypt lapbook, a salt dough map and a shoe box diorama. So lots of projects here. She has also included many links to other resources. Here is another of her pages, showing lots of different kinds of mini books and one showing how to make wheel books and another on making matchbooks.

Making The Simplest Lap Book

This tutorial shows how to make a hot dog lap book and many others and how to add them into the simplest lap book. It has videos and other resources.

Lesson Plans

Telling The Time

Teaching children to tell the time can be hard work. This article shows how a mother with two children with Down Syndrome taught them to tell the time. The principles would work for any child.

Sense Of Touch

Great ideas here for showing children the sense of touch.


A great many resources here for teaching art, using the artist Monet.

Science Notebooks

How to keep science notebooks that are interesting and show what you have learned.


Great article here about the Old Black Fly with lots of ideas and information. There is also a great video with no words. It is funny and allows children to make up their own story and write it down.


There are a great many ideas, lessons and hints available for creating lessons that suit your child’s needs. The above links are just a few of what is available online.