School vs Homeschool: Which Student Does Better?

This video is partly an advertisement however, the advert comes only at the end and the information on homeschooling is detailed and interesting.

A TV Interview with two American mothers who are homeschooling. One mother has 5 children and is homeschooling one of them because he did not get on well in school. Her younger child joins in with this child’s schooling and is progressing rapidly. The other mother has 7 children and homeschools all of them. Good tip on doing maths, adding and subtracting using dice.

Benefits Of Homeschooling Your Kids

Day In The Life Of A Mom With 4 Kids | Homeschool Routine SAHM

What a homeschool day is like if you have 4 kids. Two of the kids are too young for school, so she has a babysitter. The other two are different ages, so the lessons have to be suitable for their different age groups. She also gives them tests to see how they are progressing. And I am glad to see that her house is as messy as mine!