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Migrations: Big Animal Trips

Many animals migrate from one area of the world to another, as the seasons change and as food becomes scarcer or the environment more inhospitable. They then come back again as the seasons change once more.

The first video is an introduction to animal migration, covering land, air and water migration.

Geese Migrating From Western France To Greenland

A short video with no words, flying among the geese as they migrate North in the Spring.


Swallows in Deadly Oasis In The Sahara Desert

Swallows migrate from the UK in Autumn and travel to Africa for the winter. It is warmer there with plenty of insects to eat. But there are also deadly dangers when looking for water.


Seed Germination

When a seed starts to grow into a plant, it is called “germination”. This video shows how germination happens.


This is a very quickly spoken video on germination. The process, the pictures and the spoken word are accurate but the text captions in the video are hilariously wrong at times.


This is a time lapse video of lima bean seeds germinating. Sometimes germination can seem very slow but with time lapse, you can see 6 days of growth take place in a few minutes.