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Why do people Home Educate?

You may be looking at this post as a parent wondering if Home Education is right for you and your family or you may be looking it at because you know someone who is home educating and you want to understand them better. As a home educating family we have experienced opinions from friends and family members which are supportive of our choices and those which are critical. Whoever you are just know that this is not an exhaustive list and there can be some very personal reasons why some families feel that educating outside of the government school system is what is best for them and their children.

There are many reasons why people choose to home educate their children. Some of the common reasons include:

  1. Educational freedom: Home education allows parents to have more control over their child’s education and curriculum. They can tailor their child’s education to their specific needs and interests, and provide a more personalised learning experience.
  2. Religious or cultural beliefs: Some families choose to home educate because of their religious or cultural beliefs. They may want to incorporate their values and beliefs into their child’s education, or they may feel that traditional schools do not adequately support or respect their beliefs.
  3. Secular Education: some families do not want their children to receive any form of religious instruction and instead want their children to learn about religions as they learn about any other subject, in these cases some families may feel that traditional schools are not truly secular in their approach.
  4. Special needs: Children with special needs, such as learning disabilities or chronic illnesses, may not receive the necessary support in a traditional school setting. Home education can provide a more flexible and supportive environment that can better meet their needs.
  5. Safety concerns: Some families may choose to home educate because of safety concerns, such as bullying or violence in traditional schools.
  6. Lifestyle choices: Some families may choose to home educate because of their lifestyle choices, such as traveling frequently or living in remote areas. Home education can provide the flexibility to accommodate these lifestyles.
  7. Elite child athletes often choose to be home-educated because of the unique demands of their athletic pursuits. Home education allows these young athletes to have more flexibility and control over their schedules, which can be essential for balancing their training, competition, and academic commitments.
  8. Personal preferences: Some families simply prefer to home educate their children. They may feel that it is a better fit for their family, or they may have had negative experiences with traditional schools in the past.

Can you think of any other reasons why families choose to home educate, let me know in the comments below.