Meet Jennifer from Barefoot Bliss and Books

Inspiring life long learning while savouring our everyday: secular home education, motorhome adventures & allotment gardening.

Photo of Jennifer from barefoot Bliss and Books hiking in the mountains


Welcome to Barefoot Bliss and Books! My name is Jennifer and I am a wife and full time mum to 4 kids aged 11 years and under. Join me and my family as we share our days, where we practice a secular home education approach, experiment at our new allotment garden and go on adventures in our motorhome.

Here at BarefootBlissAndBooks.com my goal is to provide useful information and resources to help you on your home education journey.  We are based in Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom and so any advice I provide is for the UK in general and Northern Ireland specific. In our home we follow a child-led eclectic approach to teaching and learning and so you may find recommendations for anything from Waldorf to Montessori to Classical to Charlotte Mason to Unit Studies. The photos and documented activities on this website are from work my children and I have completed ourselves and my hope is to provide a realistic view of what home educating with multiple ages can look like. In my opinion there is no "right way" to home educate and so please take anything you find useful and leave the rest.